The final candidates

El-Sayed and Throop

The final two candidates for the position of Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs are Dr. Jacqueline El-Sayed and Dr. Elizabeth Throop.

Both ladies visited campus during the first week of February, to meet faculty, staff and students, and answer any questions during their open forums.

El-Sayed’s open forums were on February 2. She is currently serving as Associate Provost at Kettering University.

“I consider myself an educator and a builder,” said El-Sayed. “The builder part of my personality is that I like to make things work. I like to take on those challenges.”

“I really believe in the power of experimential learning, and that through this we can help our students have this transferrable skill set, where they understand how to make wonderful things happen and be productive in different contexts and different environments,” said El-Sayed.

On the position of Provost, El-Sayed said: “A provost is a key communicator, but then also able to execute and work with all teams, in order to find strategies where all of our work is honored to do what’s right for our students, and what’s right for our institution.”

El-Sayed also stated that she felt that her life mission and Ferris’ mission are aligned.

The final candidate to visit campus was Dr. Elizabeth Throop, who answered questions in her open forum on February 5.

“I read about what [Ferris] does, and I think it really reflects my life with this blend of traditional academia, but also very intentional professional and pre-professional programs, still with a liberal arts emphasis. I think that’s absolutely crucial,” said Throop.

Throop said that she is very interested in encouraging success and productivity, as well as helping students deal effectively with the burden of affording college, and maintaining the emphasis on general education.

“One wish would be to en sure the strength of the general education program,” said Throop. “I really do believe that a liberal arts education which is uniquely American is also at the core of having an effective democracy.”

“I really look for people’s strengths,” said Throop. “I assume the best out of people until proven otherwise.”

Throop also stated: “When there’s a decision to be made, after consulting with the appropriate people, I will make a decision, and I’ll be clear about having made that decision and take responsibility for making that decision.”