Spring break is over

How to get back into gear

Students come back from spring break and hit the books to finish out the year strong,
Students come back from spring break and hit the books to finish out the year strong, Photo Courtesy of mctcampus.com
If you’re like me, you find it hard adjusting back to your class schedule after your glorious Spring Break.

For a whole week, I got used to sleeping in until noon and playing video games all day without a care or worry in the world. But then, it got to Sunday. And I realized that I have a lot of work that needs to be done.

We were shown the Promised Land. We were shown how life is outside of college. We were shown hope. And that hope was shattered on Sunday night when we all realized that school was waiting for us.

Now that classes are back, we won’t be able to sleep all day and play Dragon Age for Playstation all night. That’s a real bummer.

Have no fear because as usual, I’m here to help. What I have here is a list of simple ways to get back on track to survive the rest of the semester.

To get back in the groove of things, start by dusting off your alarm clock. You’re going to need this. Alarm clocks are devices that wake you up at an alarming time (hence, the name).

Another thing you need to do is stock up on coffee or black tea. These substances help you feel awake when you shouldn’t be.

Remember when I told you to set an alarm? Set another one. With my personal experience, I sleep through my alarm every day. So I set two. One wakes me up and one gets me going.

Realize that Spring Break is over. I know, you must think this is a joke. But it isn’t. Spring Break is over and it’s not coming back for another year. Thankfully, the spring weather is here to stay (I hope) so walking to class won’t be like hiking through Antarctica. So get those flip-flops and shorts out!

Exercise. I know this is a weird thing to have here, but it’s important to be happy and feel good about yourselves. Remember, exercise produces endorphins and endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t feel down about school. They just don’t.

Don’t go to class. Take an extra day or two to build up your spirit. Now before you actually do that, don’t tell your professor “that writer for The Torch told me to skip class!” It’s not like I’m holding you at gunpoint and demanding that you drop out of college. Plus, I’m a bowl of terrible ideas, so don’t take anything I say seriously.

All jokes aside, it’s hard to adjust to school after a week-long break. Your best bet is to set your alarms, get lots of caffeine and soldier through the rest of the semester. It’ll be over in no time.