Summer in Big Rapids?

6 credits at Ferris State University earns students a free summer residence

Contracting for summer housing is underway. This year, the Office of Housing and Residence Life is offering an incentive to stay and study that some students are finding hard to pass up. If enrolled in 6 credits or more for this summer semester, Ferris is offering a free stay in the residence halls.

“If Ferris offers students free housing, it’s definitely a better way to get students to stay and take classes,” said Pedro Rossi, a sophomore in game design.

Rossi, an international student from Braganca Paulista, Brazil, thought it better to stay at Ferris last summer, taking English 250 and Biology 109. He’s planning on staying again this summer and is ready to enjoy himself.

“I’d rather stay here, improve my English, take a summer class and use this time wisely than go home,” said Rossi. “I think it’s definitely worth it.”

Senior computer and networks systems major Ethan Wagner has lived in Big Rapids for his whole college career, and explained why summer here is right for him.

“Staying here for the summer is a really great way to see more of Big Rapids,” said Wagner. “During the year, I feel like I don’t have enough time to spend off campus because I’m either in class or doing homework. During the summer, Big Rapids is just so warm and beautiful all the time.”

Wagner also worked as an RA in Travis Hall during the summer of 2012 while taking a literature course.

“I think professors are more relaxed during the summer semester. It’s like, the semester is short and this is the stuff we need to cover. Let’s cover it and have a good time.”

For social work junior Kenyatta Peterson, the fall and spring semesters don’t paint Big Rapids in a very good light.

“There’s this negative blanket over everything because I’m constantly in school and worrying about the winter,” said Peterson.

That’s why for Peterson, classes will be put on hold until fall. She plans to work in Big Rapids over the summer and is currently seeking an internship. What’s her outlook on the approaching season?

“I want to enjoy it! I want to live in Big Rapids and be surrounded by my friends. It will be warmer, the sun will be out and we’ll be happy,” said Peterson.

The summer semester runs from May 18 to August 12, 2015. To sign up for a summer residence at Ferris, visit MyHousing in MyFSU.