Holocaust survivor to come to Ferris

Martin Lowenberg will speak at the "Remembering the Holocaust" event

Martin Lowenberg, a Holocaust survivor will be speaking to students as part of the “Remembering The Holocaust” event sponsored by the Department of Languages and Literature.

Lowenberg is a resident of Southfield, Michigan and was contacted by Charles Vannette who is an Associate Professor that teaches German at Ferris.

“Martin came highly recommended by the Holocaust Memorial Center in Farmington Hills. I spoke with him last fall for the first time, and it was a very easy and friendly conversation. I was quickly won over by his personality and knew that he would be able to relate to Ferris students,” said Vannette.

It was a no brainer for Lowenberg who speaks at Universities all over Michigan.

“Martin was very eager to come to Ferris and talk. Sharing his story and raising awareness about the Holocaust is a big part of his life,” said Vannette. “He travels all over the state speaking to school groups, universities and community groups.”

Students are encouraged to attend Martin’s speech and listen to his story. After Lowenberg shares his story, Vannette hopes that students will learn about the past and its prevalence in today’s society.

“The Holocaust is a seminal event in the twentieth century, but it remains relevant in our lives today. It serves as a reminder of the cruelty that humans are capable of.”

Lowenberg’s mission is to raise awareness about crimes against humanity through his teachings and experiences with the Holocaust.

“My hope is that Ferris students will not only learn more about the genocide of European Jews during the Holocaust, but will become interested in actively seeking out more information about crimes against humanity happening in our own times,” said Vannette. “The Holocaust allows us to talk about a significant event in history, as well as the realities of our contemporary world.”

In addition to Lowenberg’s story, the “Remembering The Holocaust” event will have lectures from several professors, starting March 24 at 11 am in the Interdisciplinary Resource Center, Room 109. There will also be a “Remembering The Holocaust” exhibit in the University Center from 10 am to 5 pm in the University Center.

For more information on the “Remembering The Holocaust” event, contact the Department of Languages and Literature.