Student Government Candidates

Dylan Carpenter has plans for coordination, collaboration, and communication

Dylan Carpenter, 20, is a psychology junior from Reed City, MI.
Dylan Carpenter, 20, is a psychology junior from Reed City, MI. Dylan Carpenter
20- year-old Dylan Carpenter, psychology junior from Reed City, is one of two candidates running for Student Government president.

“There is a story about why I came to Ferris,” said Carpenter. “I am from the area and my mom was injured, so I had to be around the area to help take care of her. I am really glad I came here because Ferris has offered me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I went to a larger university.”

To say Carpenter has been very involved on campus would be the understatement of the year.

“In the past, I have at the chance to be the President of both the Economics Club and the Young Americans for Liberty,” Carpenter said.

That’s not all. He was also Vice President of the Planning to Achieve Collegiate Excellence Program and National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Director of Public Relations for Pi Kappa Delta, Fundraising Chair for Lambda Chi Alpha, Interim Director of Finance for Student Government Association, Treasurer for Student Government Association, Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, and Student Government Association. Additionally, Carpenter has been a general member of Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance, Student Leadership and Activities Advisory Council, Spanish Club, and Student Psychology Association.

He is currently the Parliamentarian for Student Government Association, a mentor for Finance Division of Student Government Association, and a member of the Gala Planning Committee of Student Government Association.

“Professional is the word to describe Dylan,” said Carpenter’s campaign partner, marketing junior and Student Government Director of Operations Haley Lomba, “He is always dressed for success and willing to help anyone with professional writing, resume exercises, and is the first to volunteer to attend meetings. His professionalism shines through in the committees he has been a part of.”

Carpenter campaigns under the slogan, “let’s build a better future together.” and plans to work on collaboration, coordination, and communication if elected.

“I think I can increase collaboration, that is one of my biggest goals for this upcoming school year,” said Carpenter. “My plan is to create that environment for collaboration, getting people to work together more through coordination, and then communicate that to the campus as a whole.”

“I hope that Dylan wins the Student Government presidential elections because the ideas he has for change within Student Government and across campus are exceptional,” said Lomba. “Dylan and I met through working together as Residence Advisors and we became very close friends. Dylan asked me to represent him as his campaign manager. I chose to accept his request because I support him and believe he is best suited for this position.”

According to Lomba, Carpenter is a passionate person. When he sets his mind to something he follows through and is determined to make sure these tasks are done precisely and efficiently.

“I believe that as Student Government President, Dylan Carpenter, will be sure to use this attitude to help best represent the Student Body and achieve the changes they want to see across campus,” said Lomba.

In the rare time that Carpenter is not involved in a campus activity he likes to ice skate and play video games.

“Dylan Carpenter is one of the most interesting people I have ever met,” said Lomba. “The one thing about his personality that I believe makes him so different is his passion for learning and ability to find a million different ways to solve a problem. He is supportive of new ideas and willing to help in any way possible. I chose to represent him because I support his ideas and beliefs and know that this position was made for him.”

According to Carpenter, his favorite thing about Ferris is all the opportunities that it offers to Students.

“Ferris offers opportunities that you may not be able to get in bigger universities, but because we are 9,618 strong we are like bigger community.”

According to Lomba, Carpenter is open to suggestions from anyone on how to build a better future together and is so very thankful for all the support he has received.