Why the world needs Superman

Superman is a symbol of hope to many people around the world.
Superman is a symbol of hope to many people around the world.
This might be a strange article to write for a college paper, but I just finished reading my Superman comic and it got me thinking; what would the world be like if Superman existed?

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want Superman to be real? I’d love it if he was. The world would be a much better place (and that’s not just my opinion. It’s fact).

I might be crossing a line here, but I’m sure ISIS, the terrorist group, would be dealt with. Superman would just fly by and put all of the criminals in jail (it might not be that simple, I’m aware. But let’s pretend it is). No more violence. No more unnecessary murders.

Crime would be nearly non-existent. The reason I say “non-existent” is because Superman can’t save everybody. He even brings this up in one of the more recent comics (“I know I can’t save everyone. But that will never stop me from trying!”). But what’s important is that crimes like murder or robbery would be gone. I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to stop underage drinking or anything along those lines (because underage people are mean).

I’d be able to work as a journalist with Clark Kent. This wouldn’t really benefit anybody else, but I would be fan-girling so hard. I’d probably slip up and call him Superman by accident and ruin his disguise. But it’d be fun to work with him for a while. I could be his Jimmy Olsen!

On the subject of working with Kent, journalism would be a lot different (at least for the Daily Planet if it existed). Superman would be able to uncover the truth for any story he’s covering. He could use super hearing and x-ray vision to uncover shady politician deals (like he did in the Silver Age comics).

Children would have a role model that existed. There’s a comic I read a while ago where Superman receives a letter from a 3rd grader, so he visits and makes this huge speech about how kids like them are true heroes. I’m sure if I had the exact text, it’d be more inspirational, but work with me.

The world needs Superman, now more than ever. It’s a dark place out here. I’d give anything to see the Man of Steel with us today, an embodiment of justice, integrity and honor. A man that can show the world what is means to be a hero.

The world needs Superman. Not just a guy dressing up and acting like him (in other words, not me), but we need a man who flies around the world and does everything from capturing criminals to rescuing cats from trees.