Farewell Mr. President

Andrew Kalinowski prepares to step down

Andrew Kalinowski will graduate this May and electing a new president is under way.
Andrew Kalinowski will graduate this May and electing a new president is under way. Shelby Soberalski
Andrew Kalinowski, Student Government President, reflected on his time as president and offered advice to the future president.

Student Government recently announced its candidates as Dylan Carpenter and Wayne Bersano. Kalinowski said he had a very positive experience as president and is eager for the new president to continue the success of student government.

“Being Student Body President was the best experience I have ever had. It has been an honor to serve as Student Body President for these past two terms. The best part of the position was that I was able to make a positive difference for the students at Ferris State University and the community,” said Kalinowski. “I wouldn’t have done anything different. Student Government has surpassed expectations, has been more successful than ever, and has a strong leadership that will continue next year which will continue this momentum.”

For the new candidates, Kalinowski offered advice for how to keep Student Government moving forward.

“My advice for the candidates is to care about every student and organization on campus, meet with as many organizations as possible, find out what the group of students want, and to find a way to deliver that need. I wish both Dylan Carpenter and Wayne Bersano the best of luck. They will both do great things for this university,” said Kalinowski.

Kalinowski encourages students to vote in the elections, because every vote matters and will effect Ferris students.

“The only election I have lost was by one vote and I have seen two tied elections in a 200 student organization. The decision of the next Student Body President is vital for this campus,” said Kalinowski. “The President can have a huge impact on how student funds are distributed, the relationship with the community and administration, and large events throughout campus.”

Voting begins at 9 pm on April 6 and will continue until April 12 at 11 pm. Students can vote on OrgSync.