College: the Do's and Don'ts

Ferris students share their knowledge on what to do in college

Ferris freshman Domonique Ferguson wishes she knew that not everyone was going to be her friend when she got to college.

There are plenty of movies that might give an incoming freshman false implications of what college is like. There are informational books about how to survive in college, but even those are never 100 percent enough.

Freshmen want to learn the do’s and don’ts as soon as possible, but most tend to get caught up in all the freedom. Even upperclassmen are still learning.

“One thing I wish I had known before coming to college is that not everybody is your friend, and everyone doesn’t have your best interest at heart,” psychology junior Ferguson said. “Weed out the people that only want to hang around you for something that you can offer them, other than friendship.”

According to Ferguson, the saying “show me your friends, and I’ll show you my future” is what helped her come to this realization.

While not everyone will be your friend, it is important to get out and make at least some friends when coming to a new school.

“Don’t get stuck in your dorm room or apartment because I know many people that just sit around all day, and I know many people that are never in their room and are always out doing something,” music industry management junior Neal Cortright said. “Those are the people that are enjoying their college experience.”

It is important to have friends and hangout, but school work always come first according to Cortright.

Ferguson agreed that going out isn’t paramount to the responsibility of school.

“You may be failing all your classes, but your friends might be passing all theirs and they try get you to go out to party – don’t do it,” said Ferguson. “Find friends that ask if you have all your work done before you turn up.”

According to health care information management junior Makaila Richardson, it is important to be responsible in college.

“Don’t spend your refund check all in one week,” Richardson said. “Don’t get sloppy drunk and experiment because that is when things get bad, and the cops get involved. Stay focused and pay attention in class, otherwise you will have to make up classes and it is not cheap.”

According to Cortright, one very important “do” at Ferris State University, is to eat at the new University Center rather than the Rock, because the University Center serves breakfast later in the day.

Ferguson suggested that for freshman and students that have been here for a while to start supporting Ferris State Athletics.

One thing that these three students agreed on is that students have to put themselves out there to meet new people.

“Students should be willing to go out to events, but they aren’t. They complain that there is nothing to do, but there is a lot to do, they just have to be willing to look at the calendar and events,” said Richardson.