As I prepare to step into the role of Editor in Chief of the Torch next year, I feel a sense of overwhelming anxiety.

No, it isn’t because of the dramatic increase in the level of work that I’ll be expected to put forth. It isn’t because of the responsibility and pressure being heaped upon my shoulders.

My fear for next year doesn’t lie in the stress of deadlines, nor in leading a staff that is predominantly older than I am. My apprehension is based in one thing only


Next year, the Torch office will be relocated to a classroom in the basement of the Alumni Building, which according to rumor, happens to be the ghost capitol of Ferris State University.

Due to the nature of deadlines and a journalist’s unusual work schedule, much of the work that goes into publishing a newspaper takes place at night.

Of course, according to folklore, ghosts are most active after the sun has set, which is exactly when Torch reporters and editors will be toiling away in their new, haunted office space.

I’m fully anticipating the occasional phantom noise, a constant eerie feeling of being watched and at least one member of our staff being pulled through a monitor and into a supernatural realm, just like in the movie Poltergeist.

In order to prevent instances like those mentioned above, the Torch is actively searching for a full-time ghost hunter for next year.

While there is no degree for such a thing on campus, listing ghost hunter experience will surely make any resume shine, so the position is open to all applicants.

References are a must, the individual must provide their own ghost hunting equipment and being Bill Murray will definitely help one’s chances of landing the job.

Applications can be dropped off in the Torch’s new office in the Alumni Building. Oh, and if any applicants happen to come across an entity resembling a terrifying, faceless woman on their way to the office, they are encouraged to leave their application with her. She is our new secretary, after all.