Media Minute: “Fuller House”

Fuller house

John Stamos plays the beloved Uncle Jesse in Full House and is directing the new show, Fuller House.
John Stamos plays the beloved Uncle Jesse in Full House and is directing the new show, Fuller House.
Have mercy! Full House is coming back!

That’s right. You read correctly. Our beloved Tanner family will be back on screen.

Nearly 20 years after the show last aired, Uncle Jesse (a.k.a John Stamos) announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live that a series spin off would be added to Netflix in 2016.

According to Stamos, the Netflix series Fuller House will star the oldest daughter, D.J., who is now widowed with two boys and one on the way. She will turn to her sister Stephanie and her lifelong best friend Kimmy. They will move into her house in San Francisco to help her raise her children.

You got it dude! That means many more laughs, lessons, and catch phrases from the Tanner sisters.

One of my favorite characters from the original series was Michelle Tanner, the youngest sister, who we were able to grow up with.

She was a baby when the show first aired, so we witnessed Michelle’s “first” everything. She was adorable, hilarious, and probably one of every fan’s favorites.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen played Michelle and well, do I need to say more?

Growing up, the twins were celebrities I idolized. That is until they went off the deep end.

Will they be back to play Michelle Tanner in the Netflix series? Would that even be appropriate?

The show is portraying a good, wholesome family to teach lessons and love to its viewers.

Since the Olsen twins’ rough patch with drugs and other misfortunes I, and probably half of the world, can no longer look up to them the way I did when I was younger.

According to, the twins didn’t even know about the spinoff until hours after Stamos released it on air.

Maybe I am not the only one that is worried about their reputation for the sake of the show.

Which twin would even play Michelle? When they were younger, they were impossible to tell apart, but now that they are adults there is a distinct difference in their appearance.

The show would probably not be the same without the witty Michelle, but hopefully the Olsen twins have cleaned up their act.