Music in the office

Music Industry Management moves to bigger space

The Music Industry Management program recently found a new home in College of Business room 112, a newly renovated space. The new MIM office includes a recording lab with 360 degree sound isolation and a “collaborative space” with a stage for performances.

“It’s so awesome that we get a space now that’s not just tucked in a corner,” said Music Industry Management senior Gabriel Aikins. “It definitely feels more open.”

Music industry management’s coordinator, Dan Cronk, explained that the program’s new space is exactly what students need for experiential learning.

“If you create conditions for people to succeed, they will,” said Cronk. “This new space will be conducive to giving students the space to explore their creativity, to brainstorm and to collaborate.”

Contractors have been busy most of this academic year on the first floor of the College of Business renovating the office; and they’re not through yet. The old MIM office space, which was significantly smaller than COB 112, is currently being repurposed to expand the Graphic Media Management program’s office.

“We had reached the limits of what we could accomplish in our former space,” said Cronk. “It was very serendipitous that Graphic Media Management wanted to annex our office. That allowed us to move into a larger environment, so everybody wins.”

Cronk is also the faculty advisor for the Music Industry Management Association, MIM’s registered student organization. The association serves as a model production company for students to gain real industry experience. MIMA has put on events like Turn Up the Good and brought to campus artists such as Train, We The Kings and Griz.

Equipped with a stage and PA system, the new office is also poised to serve as a venue for musicians and speakers. Cronk expects to fit upwards of 70 people into the new space for shows.

“We can put events on in this space without competing with the university calendar or having to reserve rooms, so the logistics have become incredibly simplified,” said Cronk. “Hopefully we can provide even more opportunities for folks to attend events.”

One of the main purposes of the venue space this fall will be a rebranding of FSU Unplugged, a weekly MIM event traditionally held in the Rock or Biggby Coffee. Cronk also mentioned the possibility of a large scale show, similar to the now defunct Autumn aLive, returning to Wink Arena in collaboration with the University.

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