Getting involved with an RSO

Registered Student Organizations offer opportunities for students

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), offer students the opportunity to get involved on campus in a variety of ways. There are RSOs for every major or interest.

Anders Johnson is president of the American Marketing Association, a five­star RSO at Ferris. This semester, they attended AMA’s international conference in New Orleans, where they won a Silver Chapter Award. Johnson says that AMA gives students of all ages an opportunity to gain real world experience that goes beyond what they receive in a classroom.

“Students should join AMA because members receive incredible value. By attending professional development events, they will learn more about the real world than they will in in any of their classes,” said Johnson. “Plus the connections from networking they make will further their careers.”

Most student organizations, including AMA, are open to members of any major. According to Johnson, students from 15 different majors are currently members of Ferris AMA.

Taylor Varney, president of Crafters Anonymous, says that they are also open to a variety of majors. “We are open to anyone,” said Varney. “We enjoy seeing all majors come together.”

Crafters Anonymous makes crafts during meetings and donates any money they make through crafting to the community. Crafters Anonymous works closely with the Department of Human Services of Big Rapids and Reed City to host crafting parties.

“Crafters Anonymous allows students to take a break from being serious and have fun, but still give back the community. Students don’t need any previous crafting experience to join Crafters,” said Varney.

Regardless of what organization students choose to be apart of, students are sure to experience a close connection in each.

College Republicans is a political RSO that teaches members to learn and exercise their constitutional rights, and works closely with other College Republican groups throughout Michigan. This semester, Ferris’ College Republicans chapter attended the Conservative Political Action Conference, where Donald Trump was a featured speaker. Erin Moore, the group’s recruitment coordinator and public relations director, said that all of the members hang out often.

“Most of the people in [College Republicans] hang out with each other all the time,” said Moore. “We are all friends and want to spend a lot of time together, whether we are on trips or just out to dinner.”

Johnson says the same about the American Marketing Association.

“We try to make every event as fun as possible,” said Johnson. “There is a true family aspect.”

Among the American Marketing Association, Crafters Anonymous and College Republicans, there are 217 other student organizations on campus to pursue your interests with.

Included on the list are a few unexpected RSOs, like the Granbull Pokémon Club, which allows students to battle Pokémon cards, or other card games like Yu­Gi­Oh! Also on campus is Entertainment Unlimited, the campus programming board responsible for hosting events like Ferris Fest. There are many organizations on campus specific to each major, such as the Professional Golf Management Student Association or the Student Psychology Association.

If there isn’t an RSO that reflects your interests or ambitions, fear not. You can start your own RSO with just five Ferris students and a faculty advisor.

To search for an organization that is specific to your interest or major, go to the OrgSync tab in MyFSU.