The hub of culture and diversity

One of the greatest perks of attending Ferris State University would have to be how much they do to promote diversity and inclusion among its students. As a transfer student and an African American female entering a predominately white institution, I’ll admit I was nervous to see if I’d fit in. Nervous to find out what my resources were, who I’d be able to turn to and who’d help me navigate my first year at a university.

Upon arriving, I instantly found a new home. The Office of Multicultural Student Services, located in FLITE 159, opens up their doors to every single student on this campus. But their primary focus is help guide new and current minority students in their transition from high school to college.

Dr. Matt Chaney is the director and from my hometown-Flint, MI. Mr. Mike Wade is co-director and the advisor for my Leadership RSO T.O.W.E.R.S.; Teaching Others What Establishes Real Success. Danyelle Gregory is the coordinator of Pre-College Programs and runs the College Positive Volunteers. Of which I am also now a part of. So if you have questions about programs like Gear Up and Upward Bound, she’s your girl.

Throughout the year, the OMSS puts on almost 200 events a school year for the entire campus. Their office is the birthplace of many organizations that were founded for minority students. Flags hang from the ceiling representing the Black Leaders Aspiring for Critical Knowledge, You Beautiful Black Woman, All of the Divine 9 Fraternities and Sororities and the African Student Union just to name a few. And these orgs are growing every semester.

In that office, you can find something to do. If you want to know what’s going on with their office and others on campus the Island is where you need to be. It keeps updated flyers and schedules of upcoming events on campus. And they also have up to date scholarship applications through their office and internship information. All you have to do is go inside.

OMSS has computers set up, couches to lounge on, a popcorn machine and a flat screen TV. This is where other students hang out and chill between classes, so you’ll have several chances to meet new people. They have occasional movie, discussion and game nights. If I haven’t convinced you that this office is the place to be then you’ll just have to visit yourself.

Everything that the OMSS does is to benefit their students. Period. Whether you just want to take nap on the couch or need to vent about something, Mr. Wade, Mr. Chaney and Ms. Gregory are there. So I sincerely encourage each and every student unsure of what to get involved in or how to deal with being away from home to go introduce yourself to these people.

After meeting me just once, Mr. Wade never forgot my name. Mr. Chaney calls me Flint-town and Ms. Danyelle is always there for quick conversation. These individuals are here for YOU! They want to help to you succeed and all you have to do is go inside. And when you do, because I’m sure you will, tell them Jass Nettles sent you.