Founding Ferris State University

Students come together to celebrate Founder's Day

The University Center was packed with students and community members at the annual Founders’ Day celebration.

On Sept. 3, free food, games and prizes brought together hundreds of people to remember the educators that founded Ferris, Woodbridge and Helen Ferris, and the standards of excellence and opportunity they set for the university.

The legacy of Woodbridge and Helen is familiar to some, but their story is an important one to learn for the first time if you are new to Ferris State University.

“I think the history of Ferris and the founders is interesting because it started off as an industrial school and with hard work it is now a university,” said Emma Korson, a senior in pharmacy. “This is a great idea for a celebration of our founders and it’s a great idea to get students from different ages and degrees together.”

Founders’ Day is a campus celebration that normally takes place in the Quad, but was held in the University Center this year due to weather.

Different campus organizations put tables up displaying their name and handed out free prizes to students looking to get involved on campus.

This year there was also free ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers and other foods.

“I came for the free food,” said Alex Johnson, a senior in graphic design. “I mean, this is my fourth time attending this event, but I feel like food brings us all together to celebrate this special day.”

For freshmen on campus, Founders’ Day is a great way to see what Ferris is all about.

“I saw everything and wanted to come see what all the commotion was about,” said Krystal Bowden, a pre-med freshman. “It is a cool idea to have this celebration and it makes Ferris feel more like home. I will definitely be attending this event next year.”

For those who have been on campus, it’s a great way to run into old faces.

“I have seen so many faces here that I haven’t seen since I left for summer or even since my first year here, and that has been really nice,” said Johnson. “I have even learned about new groups and club sports that I wish I had known about earlier.”

The celebration started at 11 a.m. with President Eisler’s annual speech followed by the Ferris Employee Founders’ Day Picnic. Student activities in the University Center went from 3 to 7 p.m. and ended with the magician Joel Ward in Williams Auditorium.