Intramural action

IM sports at Ferris looking for athletes

Ferris State intramural (IM) sports are starting up next week and the time to sign up is now.

Ferris students have an opportunity to participate in full leagues or tournaments soon. If a student is looking to be in a league, they can try their hand at intramural flag football, soccer, softball or hockey.

If a tournament is more suitable, then Ferris students can play sand volleyball, cornhole, or battleship too. Signup for sand volleyball ends on Sept. 17th and play starts the 18th. For both cornhole and battleship, registration ends on the 24th. Cornhole will begin play on the 25th, and battleship will take place on the 27th.

IM sports will cost $14 or less per player, depending on the sport, except for hockey which costs $130 per player. If a student can’t find a team to play with, they can register as a free agent and can possibly be put on a team that needs a player.

If a student can’t sign up in time, there are plenty of other sports to participate in later in the year. They will continue throughout the rest of the year and will include volleyball, basketball, broomball, dodgeball, bubble soccer, and more.

Rec sport assistant and junior at Ferris State Delaney Serra said, “It’s a short season so it’s not a huge commitment but it’s a good way to get out of the dorms and relieve some stress.”

More information about FSU intramurals can be found in the Student Recreation Center, on their Facebook page Ferris State Intramurals or online at