Media Minute: Reggie Watts

Courtesy photo

Reggie Watts can’t really be compared to other artists.

A self-avowed “disinformationist” and “afro-musicologist,” Watts mixes stream of consciousness standup comedy and music made with a looping machine. The LA Times called Watts’ act “deliciously strange.” He is constantly trying to disorient his audience with different accents, points of view and convincing gibberish.

Watts’ best work, including multiple performances at PopTech and on Conan, can all be seen for free on YouTube. He also has two standup specials, has several albums with the rock band Maktub and served as bandleader on the first three seasons of the IFC series, “Comedy Bang! Bang!”

Watts’ big voice and genre-defying musical vocabulary somehow come across as funny. His banter between songs rides the line between philosophy and outright absurdity. Whether he’s giving a TED Talk or at his current job as bandleader on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” his improvised witt never ceases to elicit a giggling “huh?”