Who's trumping who?

A Torch survey asked 100 Ferris students who they plan on voting for in the 2016 election. The survey consisted of the top three Republican and Democratic runners, as well as “Undecided” and “I’m not going to vote” options.
Many students feel they aren’t aware of politics enough to vote as 15 percent of students said they didn’t know whom they will vote for, or didn’t know enough about the candidates to choose. Some students also choose not to vote; five percent responded that they would not be voting in the election next fall.
We are all armed with a mind that is curious and capable. We must nourish our minds, whether in the form of questioning what we hear, reading up on things or analyzing arguments made by people, especially figures in power. By doing this, we make sure that we aren’t just “drinking the Kool-Aid.”
In other words, we are secure in the fact that we are not easily misled because we are actively questioning the messages presented to us. And there are many messages constantly interacting with us. To me, it is essential to read up on things, stay informed and understand the implications of decisions made by us or the people in charge.
I like what Bernie Sanders has to say. He appeals to my aspirations: reducing the wage gap, taking money out of politics, funding institutions that protect women’s reproductive health, taxing carbon and methane emissions through legislation, etc. I “feel the Bern” and want my voice heard on these topics, so I will be voting for Sanders in the fall.
Being informed is a crucial step in the voting process. Many people choose to have their vote disregarded because they don’t feel comfortable with how much they know. Don’t vote blindly, but also know your resources. Any search of political candidates for 2016 and their platform can give you a glimpse into that person’s plan, helping you decide which person best fits your values, beliefs and ideas. The entire universe of the Internet is at our immediate disposal; it is up to us to direct how we use it.
To ensure our future is one that represents our hopes, dreams and aspirations, get informed and register to vote.