Music Shaming

The disturbing realization that not everyone likes your music

Our hearts go out to you, left Shark.
Our hearts go out to you, left Shark. Photo courtesy of
How many times can you recall being handed the glorious privilege of choosing the music to listen to in the car, then ridiculed by the other passengers about what you chose?
How many times have you said or heard someone scoff and say, “How can you listen to that?” We’ve all done it, usually without even thinking about it. Everyone’s a critic. Everyone has an opinion.
Humans as a whole have basically taken five steps backward in our psychological evolution by forming prejudices over literally every trivial thing that makes someone human.
“Ew, that person is transgendered. Ew, he’s gay. Wow, you’re a Republican? Are you stupid? Ew, he’s Mexican. Ew, you listen to Katy Perry? That’s not even real music.”
Since when did we get so aggressive and quite frankly, insecure about our beliefs to the point where we have to attack someone because they don’t agree with us or do things the way we would?
Isn’t it funny how the U.S. is so very proud of its diversity and yet we’re all ripping each other’s heads off because we are individuals and we are different.
The latest “shaming” trend that I have noticed on the rise is that of music shaming. Which basically means criticizing someone for having musical preferences different from your own. Wait a minute.
Have we become so arrogant and egotistical that because someone’s choice of music doesn’t replicate ours to the T? That we will view them as less of a person, which ultimately gives us the sole right to insult and criticize them and their music taste?
Music is a powerful and personal beast. It can tell you a lot about a person, so by insulting one’s music taste you’re basically insulting that person. Have you heard the term music snob? If not, then you probably are one.
Pop music is too fake, metal is too loud or angry, punk is too controversial, rock is too difficult to understand and rap is too stupid. What do you want, people?
Here’s a thought. Just about everyone on the planet is impacted by music every single day whether they like it or not.
Music is the one thing that most, if not all, individuals have in common. But it’s also what makes us completely unique.
Everyone’s preferences are a bit different. But we all still enjoy music. It unifies us while allowing us to express ourselves at the same time. Mind. Blown.
All music takes talent and hard work. So maybe instead of belittling someone because they enjoy Taylor Swift more than Mumford & Sons, you do this.
Put your ego back into its cage. Shove your ignorance aside. Choke back that mouthful of insults, and respect the work that each and every artist puts out there. You need to also respect their fans as well because music is beautiful and powerful no matter what genre it comes in.