Etiquette dinner mirrors professional dining atmosphere

More than 130 students helped kick off career week by attending Ferris’ business etiquette dinner.

Hosted by the Center for Leadership, Activities and Career Services (CLACS), the event and all career week events were open to students of all majors. The etiquette dinner helped students prepare for business and social settings, said hospitality management professor and business etiquette dinner presenter Amy Dorey.

“As students at Ferris develop skills, in conjunction they need to develop skills to interact in social settings in a way that can promote organizations in a positive way,” Dorey said. “It is common for business to have employees networking in social settings. We want students to be prepared.”

Business etiquette dinner attendee Alyssa Suszek said that the dinner taught her thinks she was not previously aware of.  “The business etiquette dinner was a really good opportunity to learn to be professional in different settings,” said Suszek, a public relations major at Ferris. “They taught us what to do if you are choking, how to get out of your chair if you are wearing a skirt, and the right way to pass food. It was not just a fancy dinner, it was really helpful.”

Dorey, who presented with Karyn Kiio, a hospitality management professor, said many students don’t focus on their eating habits until they are in a professional setting. Dorey encouraged students to eat in front of a mirror so they are more aware of their mannerisms in professional environments.

“Organizations want employees who will present a positive image,” Dorey said. “Practicing these techniques makes students even more polished.”