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Ferris DPS discovers mobile meth lab in Lot 23

A team of Michigan drug enforcement officers were “the ones who knocked” last week after a meth lab was discovered in a vehicle on Ferris’ west campus.

Mark Kevin Peterson, 30, was arrested and arraigned on one count of manufacturing methamphetamine, two counts of operating a meth lab and one count of possessing meth. Peterson was also charged with one count of maintaining a meth lab in presence of a minor due to a child’s car seat found in the vehicle.

Ferris night patrol officers discovered Peterson’s vehicle in Lot 23 around 9 p.m. on Nov. 9. According to Ferris DPS director Bruce Borkovich, Peterson quickly drove off to Robin Court Apartments upon seeing the officers. It was later discovered Peterson had been staying there with his girlfriend, a Ferris student.
After finding the vehicle’s license plate to have been expired and further investigating, DPS contacted the Central Michigan Enforcement Team to assist in arresting Peterson.

Evidence of more meth lab equipment was later discovered in the woods nearby. Peterson faces up to 20 years in prison.