Ferris cautioning students, faculty about malicious spam email

Ferris Information Technology Services is cautioning students to look out for a spam email “phishing” for personal information.

In a university-wide notice to students, faculty and staff, ITS reported it became aware of an email asking people in the Ferris community to update their password information.

“This is a good example of a sophisticated phishing (spam) email made to look like it is coming from someone you know,” read the notice. “If you hover over the actual link without clicking on it, you would see that it isn’t a ferris.edu address. If you clicked on the link and entered your ID and password, it then sent out emails in your name to everyone in your email directory.”

Anyone who clicked the links provided in the email is asked to contact the Technology Assistance Center immediately at 231-591-4822 or 877-779-4822.