Ferris listed among “high-value” universities

An improving graduation rate has not gone unnoticed as Ferris is now ranked among the nation’s top improving public colleges.

Money, a personal finance magazine published by Time magazine, recently ranked Ferris State University 11th out of the top 14 most rapidly improving high-value colleges. Money cites each of the colleges on the list as having raised graduation rates by at least 10 percent since 2003 and reduced racial achievement gaps.

Federal data from 2013 shows Ferris’ graduation rate is 43 percent, acceptance rate is 76 percent and the net price of the average degree is $100,500.

“The prestige of a ‘Top-Ten’ or Ivy League school isn’t worth it compared to what you can learn at a public university like this,” said chemistry and pre-pharmacy junior David Nguyen.

Nguyen also said Ferris’ small class sizes have been beneficial to him.

“At Ferris, you get classes, not seminars,” Nguyen said. “Most of my professors know me by name. That makes you feel like you’re known in the community and therefore put in the effort to succeed.”

According to 2014 data from usnews.com’s “College Compass,” only 3.5 percent of classes offered at Ferris have more than 50 students enrolled.

“I came to Ferris because it’s cheaper to go here than many other universities,” said Ferris education junior David Zinkel. “At the end of it all, it’s a degree with your name on it.”

Grand Valley State University also made the list at No. 9 and is ranked at 473 on Money’s list of best colleges. Ferris is ranked at 509 on Money’s list of best colleges.

Money’s full list of improving “high-value” universities can be found at time.com/money.

Money’s most improved public U.S. colleges with graduation rates

  1. University of Georgia (83%)
  2.  San Diego State University (66%)
  3. California State University-Long Beach (60%)
  4. Ohio State University (83%)
  5. University at Buffalo (72%)
  6. University of Central Florida (67%)
  7. Temple University (66%)
  8. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (63%)
  9. Grand Valley State University (70%)
  10. Georgia State University (53%)
  11. Ferris State University (43%)
  12. SUNY Oneonta (70%)
  13. University of Minnesota-Morris (63%)
  14. Virginia Commonwealth University (57%)