Must get ups

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Graphic by: Jordan Lodge | Production Manager

You can use it to make a bomb threat, you can try to find a girlfriend or you can copy and paste some stupid “inspirational” message you read on Facebook in order to get your ego stroked anonymously. Does this sound awesome? Go download Yik Yak immediately!

Yik Yak is an app similar to Twitter in the way that you post text or pictures and people can “like” your Yak. It is different in that you do it anonymously and other users have the opportunity to vote your Yak down. I have found that when what you say is anonymous, people will say anything.

All of the popular or “hot” Yaks are miserable, unoriginal jokes taken from Facebook, Reddit or iFunny that people copy and paste. These Yaks are unfunny but harmless in nature. If taking a joke and making it work for you makes you feel good, go ahead. But the real Yik Yak awfulness is found in a wasteland section called “New.” These are where all Yaks are born.