My 2015 favorite things

2015 offered a cornucopia of fun issues to write about. From Donald Trump’s wild comments to Hillary Clinton’s felonies, politics were a hot topic. But I am taking a break from writing hard hitting opinions about Bernie Sanders favorite places to eat in Phoenix and taking a look at some of my favorite things about 2015.

Favorite food

My grandma makes some delicious meatballs from a recipe passed down from mafia guys (probably not true) for centuries. The meatballs get honorable mention, but my favorite food from the past year has been pizza from Pizzapapalis in Greektown, Detroit. Greektown is a shining star in a city that has become a lawless heap and Pizzapapalis is an unforgettable treasure. Right across the street is Pegasus Taverna, also very good.

 Favorite movie

While I did enjoy the “Hateful Eight” very much, the most fun I had seeing a movie this year was watching “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Outlandish characters, intense action scenes and an undying quest for freedom from a communist government, this movie has it all. George Miller, the film’s director, resists special effects and uses stuntmen and stuntwomen in a futile effort to keep the old ways of movie making alive. Hats off to you.

 Favorite local news story

Last semester, Mari Ann Loucks wrote a piece about the new Greek life alcohol policies. The policies are no fun, but the story was in depth, interesting and shed light on the ways the school is attempting to save the Greeks from themselves. Are they better off? Only time will tell, but I anticipate the answer being a firm, no.

 Favorite song

No, Adele is not on this list because Adele is ungodly overrated. My favorite song from 2015 is actually a song from 1963 by jazz saxophonist, Cannonball Adderley called, “Autumn Leaves.” I did not hear it until 2015 so I am putting in on my list. The song is a cover of a French song recorded in 1945. I encourage you jazz fans to look it up. Full of ups and downs, precisely played instruments and a whirlwind of moods that only Adderley can offer, this song is one for the ages.
 Favorite bar

I want to say Shooters so bad; it is in a great location and a lot of people like it but I just can’t. My favorite bar remains the Gypsy Nickel Lounge. Gypsy really does have everything you could want, good food, a huge selection of drinks and awesome specials for us more frugal bar goers. One day Shooters, one day you can be as great. I really do love FAC, though.
 Favorite person

Okay fine, I’ll talk a little bit about politics. Presidential hopeful, Rand Paul, is my favorite person of 2015. He’s got all the criminal justice and drug reform ideas that the Bernie supporters like, he’s got all the fiscally conservative ideas that Trump supporters like and he absolutely does not budge from his convictions. Money management-wise, you cannot get much better than Rand and I promise to all of the really socially liberal folks, he will not tell you who you can and can’t marry, he will head up drug reform and he will fight like a ferocious dog to turn around the mass incarceration problem. Rand really is the best of both worlds.