Chat with the chief: Scum of the Earth

If you don’t have the common human decency to walk your garbage to the trash can, you are an asshole.

With a mid-winter thaw upon us, the pure white snow that once blanketed the ground is being ripped away, thus exposing the mass amounts of garbage that have been accumulating beneath.

It seems that just because snow will cover litter, people find it OK to become walking trash fountains spewing their waste across the land.

Seriously, how do you even begin to see that as acceptable?

In nearly every questionable scenario, an individual can receive some iota of benefit of the doubt.

You shoplifted from a grocery store? Well, you may have hungry children to feed. You ran someone over and fled from the scene? Perhaps you were trying to go fetch some help. Even if you’re depraved enough to stomp on a puppy, you can at least argue that it may have grown up to be rabid and kill somebody, and you were preventing that.

However, in the case of littering, there is absolutely no excuse. It is the ultimate act of selfishness.

When you throw trash on the ground, everybody that walks by has to see it. It blows in the wind, traveling far and wide as a flagrant reminder that some humans still belong in caves. More savages add to the garbage flurries until—if we’re lucky—a community service crew doing hard time is forced to pick it up from the side of a highway.

I can’t even begin to comprehend the state of mind one must be in to throw his or her scraps on the ground instead of walking it to one of Ferris’ many trash receptacles. The entirely fabricated sense of self-importance that one has to muster to litter is astonishing.

You are not important enough to litter. You are negligible in comparison to the millions of other organisms that also occupy this earth. So what gives you—specifically—the right to litter, thus damaging the ecosystem that we all share?

Take some time to actually think about this. Among all the hundred trillion tons of Earth’s total biomass, you make up a totally inconsequential amount. Yet you are instilling in yourself the sense of power to help ruin the outdoors for every other human, animal and protist on Earth by littering.

If you purposely throw trash on the ground on the way to class, you are a trash person. It’s a lazy, selfish and pathetic act.

I’m not pleading with everybody to devote their lives to picking up litter, I’m just asking for people to join the ranks of civilized society by disposing of their own garbage properly.

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