Political pizza party

Ferris students enjoyed politics and pizza in the University Center last week during the Fox News GOP debate.

Students and professors of varying political affiliations packed into a section of the UC ballroom to watch the debate on two large projectors. Pizza and drinks were also served at the event, hosted by Ferris’ Debate Team, the Political Engagement Project and College Republicans.

Ferris hospitality management junior and College Republicans member Lauren Thomas said she enjoyed participating in discussion with students of different political ideology.

“When we’ve had debate watches before, it’s just been us,” Thomas said. “So it was nice to talk to other people who weren’t republicans and hearing their views.”

Central Michigan University communication professor Ed Hinck facilitated a discussion after the debate about how the candidates performed, telling students to leave candidates’ use of humor and “snarkiness” out of their analysis.

“There may not necessarily be agreement,” Hinck said. “This is a chance for students to get together and talk about their differences without feeling threatened by one side or another.”

Students tended to respect the opinions of others during the discussion. Rand Paul received praise for providing evidence in his responses. Others thought Marco Rubio performed well, but no one argued for a definitive winner.

“It’s really important for people our age to start getting involved with watching the debates and not just listening to what the media says the day after,” said Ferris pre-optometry sophomore Andrew Kapanowski after the debate.

A similar event is planned for the next democratic presidential debate at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 11, in University Center 202C with pizza and drinks provided.