Back on track

FSU track & field headed to GVSU this weekend

The Ferris State track and field team is back in season and will be competing at the Grand Valley State Big Meet this weekend.

The Ferris State track and field team will be in Allendale on Friday Feb. 12 and will be competing against other Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) teams. Both the men’s and women’s track and field team will be competing and looking to continue the winning culture that has been reinforced here at Ferris the past few years.

Sophomore Matt Crawford discussed how he prepares for his races.

Crawford said, “Waiting for my heat to be called to the track is one of the most nerve-racking feelings I’ve ever endured. It’s comparable to riding a roller coaster all the way to the top only to plunge down as your gut drops over and over again. However, as soon as the starter yells for the runners to take their marks, all distractions are set aside and my eye is on the prize.”

Crawford is passionate about running and is always looking to improve and focus on training for the events he participates in. Crawford will be competing in the men’s open 400 meter and the 200 meter.

“The goal for this week and the final days leading up to competition is for my teammates and I to get as much speed and strength workouts in while staying physically healthy and mentally relaxed,” Crawford said.

Ferris senior Shea Van Klompenberg is a veteran on the women’s team and has been running for a long time. “I’ve always enjoyed running ever since middle school and high school. I have ran in cross country, indoor track and outdoor track and that might be weird but I enjoy it,” Van Klompenberg said.

Van Klompenberg talked about what is racing through her mind when she comes up to the starting line and how she gets focused.  “At the start line I’m in my blocks so you have to be extremely still and wait for the sound of the gun. So basically I’m freaking out up until that sound. I do try to keep steady with my breathing and focus on the splits. I mentally keep reminding myself that it’s about sprinting not striding,” Klompenberg said.

The Bulldogs will begin their season at Grand Valley in the Kelly Family Sports Center. The event will take place on both Friday, Feb. 12 and Saturday, Feb. 13.

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