Deadpool was released on Feb. 12 and netted $135 million in the box office on its opening weekend.
Deadpool was released on Feb. 12 and netted $135 million in the box office on its opening weekend. Courtesy photo

I had to plan my whole day around seeing Deadpool. First of all, I had to leave work early so I could get to FAC with enough time to tie a couple on before seeing the movie. Next, I had to order $3 Jim Beam and diet cokes instead of a pitcher and I had to skip the wings all together in order to save enough calories for popcorn. (I’m doing a calorie thing right now, who says people give up their resolutions after just a week?)

So was editing my typical Friday schedule worth seeing Marvel’s latest movie? I’ll let you know at the end of the article. What a dirty trick to make you keep reading.

I should mention that I am not a fan of superhero movies, especially Marvel. I always end up seeing them because of the hype and I am always left disappointed. Action comedies are almost always so cheesy I think I am eating a bowl of Velveeta. Can’t really swing those with my calorie allowance these days. Also, special effects should be a side dish, not the whole meal.

I saw Deadpool not because of the hype, but because it was supposed to be different. The fact that it was rated R gave me the idea it would be a “Kill Bill” style revenge movie with a whole lot more green screen, and nothing is sweeter than revenge, except maybe Jim Beam and diet cokes. Also the occasional swear word and a little good natured gun violence would be refreshing.

The previews represented the movie perfectly. There was just as many zingers delivered by Ryan Reynolds and TJ Miller as I thought there would be and a whole lot of people died, unlike most Marvel movies.

This attempt to make a new kind of superhero movie was a noble one. They were successful in creating a new, more adult, feel. However, it also felt desperate to be different. So desperate, in fact, it was like watching a nerdy kid trying to hit a fastball when his workaholic father finally made it to a game. Sure, a few of them were base hits but the relentless strikes did not make his dad proud.

Judging by the amount of laughs and gasps in the theater, I would estimate most people would enjoy Deadpool. The steady release of action scenes mostly made up for the lame attempt at wisecracks and the few jokes that did land were pretty funny. So I give this movie a 7 out of 10. Worth the money, but don’t plan on making a day of it.