Ferris’ online degree programs

Ferris ranked 49th and 152nd

Ferris’ online degree programs rank with the best of them, according to a recent study by US News and World Report.

Of the categories it placed, Ferris ranked highest in terms of online Bachelor’s degree programs available, tying for 49th out of 219 qualifiers.

The online degree programs of over 1,200 schools were assessed for the study, with about 100-300 of those meeting the high standards of the survey, depending on category.

US News selected how these programs are being delivered and their effectiveness at awarding affordable degrees as factors in comparing these schools’ programs. Each category is on a scale between one and 100, the higher the better.

Ferris did especially well in terms of student engagement, scoring a mark of 71.

“Ferris’ online class system is very user friendly,” said online student Chase Louwers. “Blackboard and Tegrity work well together when it comes to mimicking the in-class experience.”

Other Michigan schools, Wayne State and Central Michigan also scored high for their online bachelor’s degree programs, at 79th and 43rd, respectively.

Ferris’ online master’s degree programs were also scored—coming in at 152nd out of 167 published findings.

Through all this data, what is most important to remember is the usability and availability for students and individuals wishing to complete an online degree. No amount of statistics can paint an accurate picture of what that looks like.

“I’m confident that the convenience definitely outweighs the fact that you don’t meet person-to-person,” said Louwers. “The fact that Ferris’ online class system is set up pretty well contributed to that.”

Online graduate programs in nursing and business also did exceedingly well, placing in the sixties.