Magic or reality

Brian Rudo risks life and limb at Ferris

Through a combination of dangerous stunts, illusions and comedy, Brian Rudo captivated his audience in Williams Auditorium on Feb. 17.
Through a combination of dangerous stunts, illusions and comedy, Brian Rudo captivated his audience in Williams Auditorium on Feb. 17. Photo by: Katie Tobak | Photographer

Brian Rudo, otherwise known as a comedian, entertainer and escape artist, performed a comedic stunt show guaranteed to “wow” the crowd in Williams Auditorium.

On Feb. 17 a number of students came out with the expectation of viewing a magic show or just to witness a good laugh, but Rudo vowed that his show would be nothing like anyone had ever seen before.

Adrenaline comedy is a comedic stunt show. The performer described its similarity to that of a magic show only with no magic because it’s all real.

“He’s definitely crazy. There’s no way in hell I would be able to pull off half the stunts he did on that stage,” said Ferris undecided freshman Brandon Thompson.

Rudo performed a number of different stunts, one of which included four brown paper bags and a broken glass bottle. Before he even began, he revealed to the audience the injury he had suffered from when performing this particular stunt in the past.

A stunt gone wrong left Rudo injured with a knife punctured in his inner palm stabbing directly through the other side of his hand. Naturally, he vowed to never try that again.

At least not with a knife.

Despite the tragedies of his last attempt, Rudo was determined to try it again, but this time with a broken glass bottle. He explained that it was simply a mindset and although he would never again perform that stunt with a knife, he would indeed try the glass bottle as a result of mental comfort.

He set up four paper bags, all of which had wooden blocks in the bottom of them with the exception of one which had the bottle positioned with the broken glass facing upright. The point of the stunt was to smash all of the paper bags in hopes of not smashing the one with the broken bottle inside.

After picking on an audience member to rearrange the paper bags, he chose three other people in the crowd to choose which bag to smash.

The entire audience was in silence while Rudo smashed whichever bags the audience members suggested. Thankfully, this was not a stunt gone wrong and Rudo still had his whole hand.

“He’s insane, insane yet extremely entertaining. I would not hesitate to attend another one of his shows,” said Ferris nursing junior Alshlee Harris.

Lastly, Rudo performed a very unique stunt involving two straightjackets. The entire concept was to escape these two straightjackets all while balancing on a two-foot ball.

Needless to say, he accomplished the task. Not only did he escape both straightjackets in under three minutes, but he ultimately left the crowd speechless and in awe by doing so.