An open letter to Ferris athletes

Dear Ferris athletes,

When I took a job at the Torch, I had no clue what was in store for me.

I was only a couple weeks into a journalism class and had probably only written two articles in my life, and neither of them were published.

I have always been fascinated with sports, so I had read plenty of articles from journalists across the world about every sport from football to cricket. That was the only experience I had.

When I began working at the Torch as a sports reporter, I didn’t know much about Ferris athletics besides the fact that our hockey team is usually pretty good.

After working as a reporter and now the sports editor for the Torch, I am now well aware of how talented our athletes are and how much they mean to my section.

There is nothing more depressing than writing about a team that loses every week. But I haven’t had to do much of that because of how good Ferris athletics have been in my time with the paper.

I’ve gotten the privilege of covering three teams who have won back-to-back GLIAC titles, a hockey team who just made a run into the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tourney, two tennis teams that have made it to the NCAA Tournament and so much more.

As sports journalists, we don’t create the stories, the athletes do.

Without the successes of Ferris athletics, the sports section would be a depressing section to write, but thanks to all of the hard work from Ferris athletes, coaches and staff, it’s a hell of a good time and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thank you,

Marshall Scheldt