Women empowering other women

Sophia Kruz presents a movement for change

Passionate artists and women working to empower other women come together to promote the Creating4Change life movement initiated by Emmy award winning filmmaker Sophia Kruz.

On Thursday, April 14, at 7 p.m., the documentary outlining the many struggles and challenges which women face everyday will be revealed in Kruz’s film.

The film profiles women who have found innovative ways to use their art to tackle the most pressing issues they face as well as the women in their communities.

The documentary is said to pose the question: What is the role of art in the global women’s empowerment?

“The seriousness of women’s rights is expressed through dance, music and graffiti in the documentary, giving women the opportunity to utilize their talents to the best of their abilities,” said Ferris Department of Language and Literature Pam Davidson.

Creating4Change will feature four women from four different counties all working for one goal: change.

The various topics that will be discussed in the film are human trafficking, domestic violence and genital mutilation, raising awareness to each issue and posing solutions for all of them.

The documentary will showcase artists who are working with leaders in government, philanthropy, technology, public health and education to create positive change.

This project was ultimately designed to raise awareness in regards to women’s rights in the United States and abroad, promoting art-therapy based solutions to the most pressing challenges facing women globally.

Kruz got her inspiration from the many women who were victims to violence worldwide. Since then, Kruz dedicates much of her time to raise awareness and prevention any way possible.