Chat with the Chief: Midnight munchies

It’s 11:15 p.m. on a Tuesday. I’m hungry.

Thankfully, I have a meal plan, and live within spitting distance of The Rock.

I descend several flights of stairs and take a handful of steps into Ferris’ dining facility, and I am greeted by the familiar pungent aroma of greasy fried foods.

Why is it that the only foods available to students late at night are so unhealthy? The Rock actually has a menu specifically called the “late night” menu that regularly features such delicacies as cheeseburgers, fries and even fried macaroni and cheese bites. I’m not making that last one up.

Sure, Mongo Grill, the salad bar and the deli station are all also open, but the fact that much of the food available late at night could serve as a fat-filled hangover cure for students on campus is head-scratching at best and disturbing at worst.

Well, at least I can jump next door to fetch something from The Market. I can choose from chips, candy or nothing.

Again, I will acknowledge that The Market has some healthy options amid the massive selection of otherwise empty calories. One can order a smoothie or buy some fresh fruit. Though to reach anything of nutritional value, one must first wade past discounted Easter candy, family sized bags of tortilla chips and entire cakes. Again, not making that last one up.

Metabolism reaches its lows at night when a person is sleeping. Stuffing one’s face full of fried foods at The Rock or sugary treats at The Market 20 minutes before bedtime is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, but limited choice at that time of night leaves students on campus with few other options short of fasting.

Late night Ferris State dining is to the freshman 15 as partying every night is to failing a class. One doesn’t necessarily lead to the other, but it sure as hell makes the other more likely.

If students have the willpower to skip the fried foods for a salad and the chocolate bar for a kale smoothie, then more power to them. Though Ferris’ current arrangement certainly isn’t making it easy.