Under 21 but still having fun

Minors give opinions on underage drinking

Minors’ hands are marked with black X’s at bars to let bartenders know they are under 21.
Minors’ hands are marked with black X’s at bars to let bartenders know they are under 21. Photo by: Aubrey Kemme | Photographer

It’s no secret that underage college students consume alcohol.

Whether it’s at parties, at bars with the help of a fake ID or just at home with some help from older friends, many Ferris minors don’t shy away from the red Solo cup. The Torch talked to three students at Ferris who aren’t 21 about underage drinking. All three students wished to remain anonymous.

A male sophomore said he drinks one or two times a week to have a good time and relax on the weekends. As for the legal drinking age, he thinks it should be changed.

“As someone who already drinks, I obviously disagree with it, especially when I’m being called a minor as a legal adult,” he said. “I think I’m at an age where I can make decisions for myself about what I want to consume. I think the drinking age should be 18, which is when you’re considered a legal adult.”

On the other hand, a female freshman said she agrees with our Canadian neighbors.

“Personally, I think it should be lowered to 19 like it is in Canada, because most kids who are drinking now are drinking illegally,” she said. “They’ll find a way to drink whether it’s through older siblings or older friends. They’re going to get alcohol somehow.”

However, she said that she doesn’t tend to party too often.

“I guess I’m a social drinker,” she said. “I only drink when I’m with my brother and his legal friends so I would say maybe three times a year, tops.”

She did say that some of her friends like to party, though.

“One time when I was a freshman in high school, my friend got a bottle of UV Blue from her brother, and she drank 75 percent of it by herself,” she said. “She excused herself to use the bathroom (she seemed fine) and about 15 minutes passed, so I went to check on her and she was passed out with no pants on and there was vomit everywhere. I woke her up and told her to clean it and she said, ‘No, I’ve got to sleep for school,’ and fell asleep on the couch. I cleaned up everything, and when she woke up the next morning, I told her about what happened. She said that she went to the bathroom and went to sleep. She didn’t remember throwing up at all and she still doesn’t believe me.”

A male junior insists that he drinks once a month, at most. However, he is indifferent on the legal drinking age.

“I have no issue with the current drinking age,” he said. “I know in the past the age was reduced to 19. I wouldn’t be opposed to the age being changed to that, but I wouldn’t say I’m a proponent of it.”

The junior also said that he doesn’t think that underage drinking could be classified as a problem here at Ferris.

“I would say it would be on about the same level as other schools,” he said. “I know a fair amount of other minors who drink but I also know many who don’t.”