Being a townie

Pros and cons for a Big Rapids native

If you asked me four years ago where I wanted to go to college, I definitely wouldn’t have told you Ferris State University. I grew up in Big Rapids, and I graduated from Big Rapids High with the same people I’d been in school with since kindergarten and lived in the same house for 20 years. I wanted out of this town at 17 years old.

However, the time came to decide on a university. I was accepted to all the schools I applied for and had my pick of the options. When push came to shove, I knew I’d save a boatload of money if I attended Ferris and lived with my parents while attending and accepted the scholarship that I was offered. So obviously, that’s what I chose. I have to admit, after I’ve had a good two years here at Ferris, I’m glad I didn’t choose another school.

My parents’ home is actually pretty great. I’m the type of person who likes peace and quiet, so having my own room is pretty comforting. I never have had to deal with crazy roommates, tiny dorms or eating cafeteria food. And yes, The Rock is cafeteria food. I don’t understand why other townies like to eat there.

I’ve never had to pay for room and board fees, I’ve never had to walk across campus from a dorm in a blizzard. If I’m hungry, I can just go to my fully stocked kitchen and whip up whatever my heart desires. Life is pretty good.

Living across town in my cozy house has had its downsides, too. I don’t really feel like I’ve had the full college experience, since I haven’t lived on campus. Sometimes I look around the room that I’ve had since childhood and have to remind myself that I’m actually an adult. I’ve also had my fair share of people who have looked down on me once they hear that I still live with my parents at 20 years old. Doing so was the smartest decision I could have made financially and finance specialist Dave Ramsey himself would applaud me for it.

Still, I really wouldn’t trade living at home for the dorm experience. I’m currently thinking about renting an apartment, so I can fully feel like an adult. As for right now, I’m perfectly content being a townie Bulldog. Sure, it gets boring sometimes, but road trips and friends definitely remedy the boredom.