Oh the places we’ve been

Students share their summer internship experiences

While the completion of the spring semester signifies a break in education for many students, for others it means spending their summer on an internship where they gain hands on experience in the fields they want to work in.

On the other side of the country, Ferris professional golf management (PGM) sophomore Kevin Caron from Holt, was able to spend their summer interning at Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, Calif., one of the most historic golf courses in the world.

“Traveling and being able to see all the amazing things in the area and working in such a historical place exceeded my expectations,” said Caron. “This program really sets students up to get out into the world.”

Ferris respiratory care senior Courtney Raymond Corunna, spent their summer interning at the Sparrow Hospital in Lansing in the respiratory department.

“I was able to help a patient from the time they came to the ICU until the time they left,” Raymond said.

Raymond notes that it is cool when you can see everything you’re doing actually help a patient get better and her excitement did not stop there. Her favorite experience this summer was scrubbing in for a tracheostomy and seeing the procedure done up-close.

“I got to go to the operating room and watch as a trachea was replaced in my patients airway, and I helped on codes, which is always a good learning experience,” said Raymond.

Ferris Internship Coordinator Diane Maguire thinks it’s very important for students to branch out and travel while pursuing internships.

“It’s a great way to test the waters of a particular operation, local area and things to do which helps them determine what they do not like, as well as if they would like to pursue jobs at in the area and relocate,” Maguire said.

On the east side of the nation Ferris PGM freshman Josh Buechler from Lowell, interned at Trump National Golf Club Washington, D.C. in Sterling, Va., where he witnessed Donald Trump accompanied by both Larry Fitzgerald and the Secret Service while golfing.

A little closer to home, Ferris PGM freshman Matthew Pogoreski from Hudson, interned at the First Tee of Northern Michigan and Harbor Point Golf Club in Harbor Springs.

“Going into the internship, I was skeptical because I didn’t have any education or teaching under my belt, but the Head Pro, Shaun Bezilla, at Harbor Point and Seth Jones, the program director at First Tee, led me through all the ropes,” Pogoreski said.

According to Pogoreski, most students do not have a say in the club or business during their first internship, but he had the opportunity to take on a more managerial position as well as instructing.

“I was looking forward to teaching the game of golf to all ages of children,” said Pogoreski. “That is how I was introduced to golf growing up, and I wanted to give back to the junior golf programs.”

All students agreed that their internship impacted their education in a positive way, and that they learned something that they wouldn’t learn in the classroom.

“If a student ever has the chance to take an internship far away from home, I highly recommend it,” Caron said.