Minors: don’t waste your money at Shooters

Bar implements new, inflated cover charge for minors

Big Rapids “nightclub” Star Shooters has set a new entry fee for patrons under the age of 21: $10 before midnight and $20 after.

Last school semester, the cover charge for minors was normally $5 to $10. Paying an entry fee to the town’s popular bar is never good but at least $5 is affordable. Now the rule only for minors is getting out of hand.

Shooters is making a clear statement with the new entry fee implying if you are not 21 years of age: spare your wallet, do not go to Shooters, they do not want you there. If you do go, especially after midnight, you will be forced to hand an agitated large male in a black shirt an unreasonable sum of cash along with your driver’s license, to be put into an unorganized black box left out on a table, which is also frequently left unsupervised.

For many students this is a non-issue. They either have no desire to go to Shooters before they are 21 or already know that they cannot afford to pay the cover charge. For me, a third year Ferris student who is only a few months away from the ever so desired age of 21, Shooters has become a frequent weekend destination.

Myself and the majority of other students, go to Shooters on Friday and Saturday nights normally for one reason: to hang out with our friends. Sure, some try to get older friends to sneak them drinks but not everyone. Especially not after spending that much money just to walk through the door. Actually, that would motivate me to want to get my money’s worth.

The new fee is already succeeding for the bar. I have seen fewer people there with black Xs on their

hands than ever before. Honestly, good for them.

The hype on Shooters is overplayed. It is loud,

dirty, packed with sweaty drunk students and the music choices are weak. Also, the entire time bouncers will be peeking over your shoulder to see if you dare have a beverage in your hand. Why would you pay 20 freaking dollars for this? Going to Shooters five times a semester after midnight would be more expensive than purchasing a fake I.D.

It would be great if other bars in Big Rapids grew as more popular weekend destinations. Two bars that do not charge an entry fee for minors are The Raven and Gypsy Nickel Lounge. Unfortunately, this does not matter becuse students will go to the bar where their friends are. The Raven and Gypsy are both restaurants that serve craft beer. They are great for large groups who prefer a cleaner and quieter bar than Shooters.

But neither is built to be the “college bar packed to the walls with students.” No bar will be able to offer the ridiculously cheap prices that Shooters does. And when students go out to drink, they will go where the most people and cheaper prices are.

So, Shooters will remain the most popular bar in town. Although the prices have risen, minors will continue to waste their money on the overpriced cover charges. I recommend finding other places to go and save your money. Spend money at Shooters only at Friday After Class (FAC) for wings and save the rest until you are finally able to legally be given a drink in return.