Vibing out

Ferris acapella group reunites for their third year together

The Vibrato Vibes are back in action for their third year of of acapelling with tryouts that took place on Friday.

The registered student organization (RSO) at Ferris holds tryouts for the group each semester and is always eager to welcome new members. Ferris law enforcement senior Tyler Karum, is not only president of the Vibrato Vibes but also a founding member. He is looking forward to a new year doing what he has worked so hard to bring to Ferris.

“I’m one of the last people here that started this, I’ve been here since day one,” Karum said. “We were brainstorming ideas of how to bring people together with music.”

Although they do not compete, the Vibrato Vibes have come a long way since it’s inaugural year, with many people showing up to tryouts, doing performances and attending acapella workshops. One of these workshops being Soul Jam in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Karum, it is essential to attend these events to improve.

“There are live concerts that we can learn from,” Karum said. “We went last year and that actually made us a lot better because we took those workshops and applied them to our acapella group.”

In addition to this, the group also puts on events at Ferris. They perform choir concerts, sing at sporting events and sang at Relay for Life last year.

When they aren’t performing, the team is practicing. The Vibrato Vibes meet twice a week for practice, and according to Ferris pre-marketing sophomore Peyton Karus, this is where the work takes place.

“There is a lot of hard work that goes into this group that nobody knows about,” Karus said. “We make sure we practice two days a week and make sure we go over everything and it sounds good.”

Although the team works hard, they also like to have a good time with each other.

“We are a pretty good group of people, we have a lot of fun,” Karus said. “We have this thing called ‘aca-bonding’ which is when we do different things. Like karaoke at Gypsy Nickel or just watching Pitch Perfect movies. We are still having fun. I’ll be honest, this group feels like family to me.”

Ferris chemical engineering sophomore Sarah Bular joined the group for that particular reason.

“I wanted to meet new people and I found it on OrgSync. I didn’t have lot of experience besides church and singing in the car but I like how everyone gets along. It is a close-knit group,” Bular said.

Auditions are held every semester and the team meets on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the choir room located in the music building. It is not required to be able to read music or to have a musical background to make the team and everyone is welcome.