Hands-on Democracy

Students register to vote

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-8-33-11-amFerris course, Political Science 122, has a group of students working on a project that involves getting students registered to vote.

“Our project is to try to get students at Ferris State University to register to vote because we want to stoke their journey and political involvement,” said Ferris history senior, Meg Corner.

According to Corner, the only way a democracy is going to work is if the governed, or the people, are directly involved and that means to vote.

“As a group, we decided that voter registration is important because people need to know that they have a voice,” said Ferris political science sophomore, Indra Phillips. “Especially in local elections, you can really make a difference.”

Leen Keely, a Ferris freshman in secondary education, said that even if you do not want to vote in the presidential election, you can still register and vote locally for things that will directly affect you.

“Most of you will be here for four years, so registering will allow you to vote on all matters, locally or nationally,” Keely said.

According to Phillips, it is still important to vote for the presidency because voters have the chance to make a difference and to vote on their beliefs.

“I don’t agree with students that say that they aren’t going to vote because they do not agree with the candidates. Your voice is still important and needs to be heard. It is so important to vote,” Phillips said. “Silence is acceptance.”

According to Richard Sinclair, a junior in political science at Ferris, in a democracy, voting is the only way for the government to hear us, and the outcome will affect our lives.

“Voting is an important right in our society,” Sinclair said. “Basically, when you register, you are registering your opinion, and when you do not vote you are agreeing with the outcome.”

Registration tables will be at the University Circle in front of the University Center from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Monday, Sept. 26, through Wednesday, Sept. 28, and again from Monday, Oct. 3, through Wednesday, Oct. 5. Information about where to vote will be provided and questions are welcomed.