Gettin’ my Axe on

My experiment with men’s hygeine products

Do you use female-oriented hygiene products, but are having a difficult time finding products that work well for you? If so, I’ve got news for you: women’s hygiene products are actually kind of a joke. Well, at least razor blades and deodorant, anyway.

Before trying a men’s razor, I’d always subconsciously thought that there couldn’t be too big of a difference between men and women’s razors, save color and design. The blades themselves were pretty much the same, right? Wrong.

Anyway, I have thick, coarse and dark hair (a blessing and a curse), so shaving always seemed to irritate my skin and leave behind an unreasonable amount of stubble. I happened to see a Gillette commercial for the Profusion razor, featuring some middle-aged dude that was shaving his face. The voiceover on the commercial was saying something about “the closest shave ever,” and a lightbulb appeared over my head. I decided to go procure this glorious-sounding men’s razor, and I haven’t budged from my Gillette Profusion since. It gives better results than any women’s razor I’ve tried.

But this still isn’t happily ever after, because the blasphemy doesn’t stop there. Quite recently, my boyfriend happened to enlighten me on the superior quality of men’s deodorant as well. I’d switched around brands of women’s deodorant since the dawn of puberty, but had settled on the women’s Dove deodorant line for the past few years. I’d pretty much accepted the fact that I probably just sweated more than the average girl, so maybe I was more prone to sweating through my deodorant and needed a second application more frequently than other girls. Wrong.

I learned this after spending the day boating on the river this past summer with my significant other and his family. That evening, we decided that we wanted to go out to eat. I didn’t have my deodorant with me, and I was all sorts of a hot mess from spending the day in direct sunlight in the middle of August. We were getting cleaned up for dinner, and I said something along the lines of: “Shoot, I forgot to put my deodorant in my bag.” My boyfriend handed me a stick of Axe deodorant and said: “Here, just use mine.”

I was reluctant at first, since I wasn’t too keen on smelling like Axe body spray but it trumped the Eau de Summertime Sweatiness that I was currently wearing. I put some on and the rest is history. Apparently, Axe deodorant lasts all day on me and I don’t sweat through it. Amazing.

So ladies, if you think women’s razors and deodorants suck as much as I do, try using men’s products. Feel free to also write the companies that make the women’s products and tell them how much they suck compared to men’s options. Although, I think I’ll stick to my women’s-oriented shampoo, conditioner and body wash… for now.