Culver’s coming to town?

Wisconsin-based fast food restaurant expected to open Big Rapids location

Ferris students may soon be able to order a ButterBurger and fresh frozen custard from what is currently a vacant lot.

According to the Pioneer, a Culver’s restaurant will likely be moving into the grassy lot across the street from the Meijer gas station on Perry Street by January of 2017.

“I did not know that a Culver’s was coming, I’m actually really excited about that. I really like Culver’s and it would be nice to have another place to go eat in between classes,” said Ferris social work junior Sarah Dobski.

Burger and sandwich prices range from about $3 to $7 at Culver’s, and the restaurant also offers fried chicken, salads and seafood, in addition to the frozen custard it’s known for. Its proximity to campus doesn’t make it ideal for grabbing a bite before class, but it will offer students an additional choice in local eateries.

“I know that there is supposed to be a Culver’s coming to Big Rapids and I would love that. I think that Big Rapids needs more places for students to eat at, so that would be a really good idea,” said Ferris social work junior Kyrstal Nawak.

Site plans have already been brought before and approved by the Big Rapids Township Planning Commission, according to the Pioneer.

Currently, the closest Culver’s to campus is located in Grand Rapids. Other Culver’s in this region are open from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and the proposed establishment in Big Rapids would likely follow suit.