Ferris to the rescue

Ferris helps students stranded by ITT nationwide closures

ITT Technical Educational Services Inc. closures recently left 30,000 students with no degree and a questionable future for their education… until Ferris stepped in to help some of those students fulfill their dreams of a college degree.

ITT announced Tuesday, Sept. 6, that 130 campuses would be closing nationwide, leaving students with no degree.

“When ITT closed all of their campuses, it left students with anxiety about what steps they needed to take to continue their education,” said DeeDee Stakley, director of the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships. “Ferris reached out to former ITT students to help alleviate their anxiety and help them to see that a college degree is still a possibility.”

According to Stakley, out of the thousands of former ITT students, Ferris should expect to see around 15 to 20 students transferring to Ferris.

“While we are not anticipating a large number of former ITT students to enroll at Ferris, we do anticipate that we will be able to assist a number of students in their quest for a college degree,” Stakley said. “We will work with former ITT students to help them make the transition to becoming a Bulldog.”

Students may be eligible for financial aid and individuals from Ferris’ Financial Aid Office will work with students to explore what options are available to help the transition.

“It is essential for students to work with an adviser who can help students to understand which ITT classes will transfer to Ferris and what the student’s educational plan will look like,” Stakley said.

According to Stakley, Ferris does not report any problems for former ITT students transferring to Ferris. Advisers are prepared to work with students to develop the best plan for students.

“Reaching out to former ITT students is the right thing to do and is a way for Ferris to help students turn a difficult situation into a positive,” Stakley said.