Rising hall rates

Residence hall rates continue to increase at Ferris

The board of trustees for housing and dining rates approved a 2.5 percent increase for the 2017-18 school year.

According to the Ferris vice president of administration and financeJerry Scoby, the current rate for a double room in the residence halls is $5,244, and it will be increased to $5,376. The rate for a double in the new north residence hall will be $5,910 for 2017-18.

“I don’t plan on living on campus next year just because the cost is way to expensive for such a small place that is shared,” said Ferris biology freshman Amanda Ponce.

According to Ponce, the residence halls are not worth the amount of money that Ferris is asking because even with the new hall being built, there is not any additional space, just new rooms.

“When we develop a recommendation for any housing and dining rate increases, we look at many factors including things like the cost of utilities, cost of food, cost for salaries and benefits for our employees, rates for similar offerings at other Michigan public universities and how can we keep the rates as low as possible to help make them affordable for students,” Scoby said.

Ferris criminal justice freshman Jade Whiting also does not think the rooms are worth it because of the size.

“I would agree with the increase if I were living in the new hall but most students won’t be so they are paying more money for used rooms and outdated rooms,” Whiting said.

According to Scoby, the committee is continuously working to make the student dining and living experience a great one.

“These offerings range from great quality food, new dining offerings, improvements in our housing offerings, and extensive programming in the halls for our students,” Scoby said.

There are some Ferris students that do agree with the 2.5 percent increase.

“I do plan on living on campus next year because I’m applying to be a Residence Advisor,” said Ferris human resources freshman Oliver Wissman. “I agree with the increase because they are building more halls for more people to come to Ferris, and that is expensive.”

Wissman also agrees that the older rooms should be updated if students are going to be asked to pay an increased amount of money.

“While it seems early to talk about housing and dining rates for 2017-18, we find that students appreciate knowing the rates before they sign up for a room and meal plan for next year,” Scoby said. “Early room sign-up is just around the corner.”