New RSO in town

Students in the social work master’s program started a new registered student organization (RSO) this month.

The Conscious Consumer Coalition is here to bring awareness to students on how they can create changes within the economy. The purpose of the RSO is to promote and encourage socially and environmentally responsible consumer habits among Ferris students and the Big Rapids community.

“‘The Better World Shopping Guide’ by Ellis Jones is where the idea came from,” said Daniel Newberger co-founder of The Conscious Consumer Coalition. “This is something we are trying to use as a teaching tool, as an easy guide for people when they go shopping.”

The Conscious Consumer Coalition wants students to make wise choices when it comes to purchasing goods from certain companies. This organization thinks students should purchase from companies who are involved with creating positive change.

Ferris general education sophomore Adam Thompson said learning about different companies’ values would be surprising to students.

“Learning to spend my money wisely is something I deal with all the time, should I go buy food or cook what’s at home,” said Ferris nuclear medicine senior Rebecca Tinsley. “I never looked into backgrounds or philanthropy on certain businesses I just go with whatever is on sale at the time not thinking too much about if the company is good or not.”

Newberger said that in the U.S., the top one percent has as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent, there are 20 to 30 million people around the world who are exploited by major corporations.

The Conscious Consumer Coalition plans on teaching students about the role companies play in today’s economy. They will achieve this goal by holding learning sessions with students.

“With this year’s election, I feel students should be open to learning about how major businesses affect the economy because things can get very bad soon,” Tinsley said.

“We want students to take the concepts we teach them and use them for their everyday life,” Newberger said.

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