Chat with the Chief:

Here comes Santa Claus

October has come to a close, indicating that it’s time to hang up the creepy skeletons and bust out the cornucopias and turkeys, right?


The first day of November marks the beginning of the St. Nick and snowman assault. We may not see any actual snow on the ground for several more weeks, but rest assured that fake snow will be abound in every shopping mall in America.

In addition to mall Santas, we’re also in store for almost two months of Christmas specials and relentless advertisements.

People seem to forget or neglect not only the entire month of November, but also the Thanksgiving holiday in their rush to consume a worrisome amount of sugar cookies and candy canes.

The very holiday intended for families and togetherness is even disrupted early in many cases for Black Friday, also known as a display of humanity’s ugliest side.

There’s nothing like getting the family together for a 4 a.m. stakeout in front of Meijer and coming together to wrestle away deeply discounted televisions from other individuals with no morals.

Christmas is actually my favorite holiday and I revel in the entire Christmas season. Still, it’s absolutely possible to have too much of a good thing. After all, the song isn’t called “55 Days of Christmas.” If it were, the writers would likely be running out of new verses after “48 Will Ferrells Elf-ing.”

Oversaturation to all things Christmas leaves me feeling burned out on the holiday by the time it actually rolls around. If I’m feeling that way, I can only imagine what goes through the mind of someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas once they hear “Jingle Bells” for the millionth time on the radio.

So let’s try to cool it with Christmas fever this year—at least until Nov. 25: the day after Thanksgiving. Then, feel free to rip off the arm of your fellow man in the name of saving $30 on a printer.