Stay safe, Bulldogs

Parking lot courtesy

Every Bulldog knows the struggle of finding a parking spot on campus; it has been a problem for years and a problem that will not go away anytime soon. In fact, it will only get worse this year. It seems that finding a place to park is not the only problem occurring in campus parking lots.

The number one problem I have witnessed in my three and a half years on campus is people speeding through parking lots almost running students over and hitting cars backing out.

I understand driving around frantically looking for a spot to make it to class on time, but being cautious of your surroundings is far more important.

There have been many times where I circled parking lots and had to dodge out of the way of a car traveling faster than the suggested 10 miles per hour.

The worst part is that there were far more times where I have been walking and either myself or another pedestrian dodged a speeding automobile in fear for our life.

It is important to always be alert and cautious while driving a car. While class may be the last place we want to be, we all want to make it there safe and sound. So the next time you are circling in a parking lot, check your speedometer and be more cautious of those that might be around you.

Drivers are not the only people that can help make parking lots a safer place. It is also a courtesy for pedestrians to walk on the outer side of the parking lot aisles, being fully alert and not staring at their phones.

Since many cars are traveling far faster than they should be, to help with safety, it goes both ways.

While on the topic of parking, and the cold snowy weather approaching, remember that more than 100 parking spots will soon be taken away. Keep in mind how to park when the lots are covered in snow and there are no yellow lines to guide us.

There is nothing worse than searching for a parking spot in the winter only to find that a stupid car parked in a way that is taking up two or more parking spots. Don’t be that car.

We are all in this crazy college life together; let us help one another out, even if it is just with being cautious in parking lots. Stay safe, Bulldogs.