Home Sweet Home

Where students are living next year, and how much they are paying

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-5-54-16-pmMany students have started looking ahead and began to sign leases for the 2017-18 school year with a few questions in mind, the most important question being, “How much is rent?”

There are numerous places to live in Big Rapids, both on and off campus but moving off campus seems to be ideal for current students.

“I’m deciding still between Northland Flats and Oakwood but I’m looking forward to more freedom as opposed to rules with living in the [halls] and campus suites,” said Ferris professional tennis management sophomore Connor Poe.

Each apartment complex offers signing bonuses and special agreements like payment per semester.

“I signed a lease at Venlo because it is modern and bigger than where I am living now,” said Ferris pre-nursing sophomore Sam Kinne. “I like that it is quiet, parking is more organized and it is dog friendly.”

There are also different realtors in Big Rapids that rent houses to Ferris Students.

“I chose to rent a house because it has a great location, it is clean and the realtor seemed to be really nice,” said Ferris pre-pharmacy junior Hanna Ouvry.

Ferris automotive engineering technology sophomore Kevin Straney was living at Oakwood but rent and utilities got way to expensive for him.

“I will be living in a house next year and it’s nice because eight people can live there and the location is great,” Straney said. “I chose to rent a house instead of going to another apartment complex because it is easier to have people over.”

Rooms are filling up all over town, but there is still time to sign a lease today with your preferred lease agreement.