Making that dough

Baked goods have been on sale around campus to raise money for different registered student organizations (RSOs), but those pies and cookies didn’t bake themselves. Putting it all together takes hard work by dedicated people willing and ready to bake.

Ferris medical lab science junior and the sitting president of the Association of Clinical Lab Scientist RSO Meghan Burgess hosted the RSO bake sale Wednesday, Nov. 30.

“We do this bake sale to promote and raise money for our RSO,” Burgess said. “We are one of the many hidden RSOs. My favorite treat at the bake sale was the chocolate caramel brownie. It was so good.”

It is the RSO biggest experience for everything.

ACLS meets every Thursday in VFS 420 at 11 a.m. and encourages people to come and check it out.

Ferris pre-pharmacy junior Kelsey Medlin is the sitting vice president of the new bowling club RSO.

The bowling club bake sale was held Friday, Dec. 2, to promote and raise money for the RSO.

“We are putting this bake sale on because we have to pay for our tournaments, transport and practice,” Medlin said.

The RSO had a variety of different baked goodies on the table that everyone from the team made.

“My favorite has to be the puppy-chow,” Medlin said.

Ferris pre-pharmacy student Brittnie Wallis is a part of the Lambda Kappa Sigma chapter here at Ferris. Their bake sale will be from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, in FLITE.

“We think it will be a good spot with students studying for exams in FLITE. They will walk pass our table, see the treats and want to buy some,” Wallis said. “Bake sales are a great and easy way to connect with our community. It provides us an opportunity to raise funds for our RSO while getting our name and cause out there.”

The fraternity promotes women in the pharmacy field. They focus on an initiative called Project Hope, which aims to provide long term and sustainable healthcare to those who need it and may not otherwise have access to it.

There are two parts when it comes to the bake sale, the makers/sellers and the students that are going to buy the goodies.

Ferris business student Kelsey Diamond loves a sweet little treat during one of the most stressful times for most college students, exam week.

“One time, I was on my way to class and I saw a bake sale. The treats on the table were one dollar each and all I had was a quarter,” Diamond said. “I started to walk away but a girl working the table stopped me and gave me 75 cents so I could buy something. I was so happy.”