Tips and tricks from current students on how to design the best schedule 

As one semester ends, a new one begins and the hassle to schedule classes has begun.

As subsequent semesters progress, students continuously learn their likes and dislikes as to what makes their ideal schedule.

“I pick classes based on trying not to have Friday classes,” said Ferris nursing junior Lauren Doyle. “I like morning classes because it gets your day started and I like afternoon classes because it’s something to do during the day.”

Ferris plastics and polymer engineer technology major Mason Belbot also picks classes based on the time. Belbot prefers morning classes to get everything done early and then have the rest of the day for personal activities.

“I honestly prefer classes that aren’t at 8 a.m., but I’ll take it if it’s the only one that works with my schedule,” said Ferris public relations senior Jamie Baranek. “I had my first 8 a.m. this semester. It was brutal, but I got through it. I hope I never have to go through that again.”

Factoring in class times, many students also consider the assigned professor when registering for a class as well.

“When picking a professor, I do a lot of research before I take them,” Baranek said. “Sometimes I post in the groups on Face- book I’m in to see if anyone else has had them and I always look at Rate My Professors.”

“I choose the professor by word of mouth and also using Rate My Professors,” Doyle said. “There was one time last semester I switched to an online class because my friends were in that one and it was easier.” Advisers are also a good resource for making the perfect schedule.

“My adviser, Professor Speirs, is very helpful and I truly feel he has my best interest in mind,” Belbot said. “He knows what needs to be done for me to graduate on time and does not hold back any information.”

There are many factors that make the perfect schedule and they’re important to con- sider when the classes students select can easily make or break their semesters.