How bad was your hangover?

Anonymous Ferris students sound off on the morning after New Year's Eve

“Putting something in my stomach felt good and I know it saved me a little from my hangover I knew I was going to have the next day.”

“I had more than enough to drink that night. At midnight I turned up because I was finally 21 and the drinks just kept coming.”


“The next morning I just had to pop some Aspirin and be on my way. I know my actions have consequences. Besides, I have drank more than I did last night.”

“It was a fun night. I had about 5 shots and then I’m not sure about the rest.”

“I don’t need a party to get drunk. After about 6 shots of Jack, I decided I was just going to have Jack and Coke.”

“I probably had like 20 drink/shots during the night. It was lit. A lot of my guy friends were buying me drinks as well.”